We've been asked many times to create a version of our goodies non-lactational but still have the great nutrients such as iron, protein, fiber, vitman A, vitamin B6, omega 3, etc.


So here it is... these healthy dairy-free goodies are for everyone in the family (dads, grandparents, kids, babies, friends, etc) and even for breastfeeding mothers that love our goodies but no longer want to increase their supply and just want a regular yummy snack!


Made with all purpose flour, oats, flaxseed, Nutritional Herbs, Chia seeds , coconut oil, honey, etc (depending on goodies).


They are a perfect snack for everyone in the family. Best of all they are also dairy-free! Our cookies do not have preservatives, so we recommend freezing any cookies you don’t plan to eat within 4-5 days to keep them fresh.


*May contain traces of nuts and wheat*

Each order comes per dozen.