Delicious, dairy-free chocolate fudge brownies packed with an extra boost inside for breastfeeding mamas and are made in a shape of our signature muffins, so thats where their name "browffin" came from. They are designed to help increase your breastmilk supply at a faster rate and help increase your hindmilk (fattier content of the breastmilk).


Made with all purpose flour, oats, flaxseed, Nutritional Brewers Yeast, Chia seeds, and other galactagogues.


They also have great nutrients like iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, protein, and so much more! Best of all they are dairy-free! We recommend freezing the goodies that you do not plan to indulge within the 4-5 days mark so that they may stay fresh.


*May contain traces of nuts and wheat*

Extra Boost Browffins