Our goodies are designed to increase breastmilk supply.

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Not only do we provide lactation goodies but we want to make sure you are well taken care of. We try to help you out as much as we can by giving out breastfeeding help and tips by one of our lactation consultants. So feel free to ask for advice if you need any help about breadstfeeding.

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About Us

Josie's Milky Goodies was created by a breastfeeding mama name Joselyn Watkins. In the beginning of her breastfeeding journey, she had many struggles with her breastmilk supply. She later realized that she was not the only mama going through the same experience. She dedicated her free time to try anything and everything to be able to produce enough milk for her baby. After many consultations and several research, Watkins knew she had to come up with something to help increase her supply.

She decided to use her baking skills and create a lactation cookie recipe that dramatically increased her breastmilk supply. She was able to breastfeed her son almost to the age of two years old. She soon realized that she could not keep her secret recipe from those in need. That's when Josie's Milky Goodies was born in 2018.

Josie's Milky Goodies now contains different types of Dairy-free all natural treats, such as, cookies, muffins, and our all time favorite brownies!

Not only are our goodies great for breastfeeding mamas but they are good for pregnant women, men, and children! Our treats contain several nutrients like iron, omega-3, vitaman C, vitamin B6, and best of all they are extremely delicious!

Try our signature goodies today and enjoy thier goodness!

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Testimonials From Our Mamas

I bought the emergency brownies and receieved them in just 2 business day!!! best part of it all, they are delicious and i saw results in 3 days! i used to pump 3oz both breasts together and now i pump a total of 5oz each breast!

Linda Vegas

I went from pumping 2oz each to pumping 6-7oz each breast! I have tried so many lactation products and only Josie's Milky Goodies have worked the best and they taste soo YUMMY!

Sharon Williams

Josie's Milky Goodies ROCK! you can not even tell they are lactation treats! Josie is amazing she helped me with tips and her treats helped me continue my breastfeeding journey.

Riley Jones